Support Our Future

Entirely artist-run, Operantics has created high-quality productions, creating opportunities for the next generation of Australian artists. We are dedicated to making opera more accessible by removing the financial barriers that often prevent people from experiencing the art form. 

In an increasingly competitive professional field, emerging artists all face a variety of challenges in developing their skills and making the transition between their music degrees and the professional stage. Many developing artists seek to hone their skills and gain experience abroad, but the expense that this entails can be prohibitive to many talented people.

Now in our fifth year of creating opera in Sydney, Operantics is seeking support so that we can continue to provide valuable opportunities to emerging artists with the intention of helping to bridge this divide. Your support will directly benefit up-and-coming singers, conductors, directors and instrumentalists, and will enable us to keep making opera more widely accessible. We are dedicated to supporting local talent and enabling them to develop important skills and experience without adding to the financial burden of an already expensive vocation.

Our artists and creatives are as passionate and hard working as they are talented and take their pursuit of the professional opera stage seriously. Several of our artists are now working on the professional stage with Opera Australia, establishing themselves as artists abroad and are being seen in the finals of prestigious singing competitions around the world.

Our productions are a great opportunity to get to know the next generation of Australian operatic artists in an intimate setting. In order for us to continue to contribute to Australia’s artistic landscape and to the future of our young artists, we rely on the support of generous patrons who see the value of supporting our artists on our own soil.

Consider making a tax-deductible donation today and be an operatic superhero!

All About The Money

We are accepting donations for this project through the Australian Cultural Fund, and all donations over $1 are tax-deductible. Our first fundraising goal for this campaign is $25,000, which will cover just under half of the overall costs of production - opera is expensive!

Once we've secured the funds required to ensure that we can raise the curtain on our 2019 mainstage production, our second goal will be all about artist support and reaching more diverse audiences. 

Throughout the year we will be presenting a series of events featuring our young artists - including a brand new artist series and other exciting events to finish off our 2018 season.


Be a Patron

Donors will be the very first of our patrons to learn what our first production of 2019 will be, and be thanked on our website, social media and programs throughout the year. By contributing to this project, you will be ensuring the future of Operantics and helping us to continue to contribute to Sydney’s artistic landscape and future. 

Thank you so much for your generous support! Every donation makes a big difference to us and is deeply appreciated.