An Opera Double Bill

Staged January 2016

Together, the pieces make for an entertaining combination delving into the short, comedic side of opera. While the performances across the board are quite incredible, special praise has to be given to the accompanist performing on piano, Nathaniel Kong, who’s work in both pieces was nothing short of astounding.
— Matthew Raven, The Buzz From Sydney

Creative Team

Music Director & Stage Director - Tristan Entwistle
Producer - Katie Miller-Crispe
Piano - Nathaniel Kong
Production Photography - John Kilkeary

The Telephone (Menotti)

The Telephone (Menotti) is a hilarious comedy in which miscommunication abounds. Ben’s attempts to ask his girlfriend Lucy an important question are frustrated by frequent interruptions by her telephone.


Lucy - Samanta Lestavel

Ben - Ian Warwick

Making good use of the whole stage area with elegant set, the couple Lucy (Samanta Lestavel) and Ben (Ian Warwick) display good theatrical chemistry. Their use of gesture and facial expression are delightfully deliberate and melodramatic.
— Paul Nolan, Sydney Arts Guide

Gentleman's Island (Horovitz) - Australian Premiere

Mr. Grey - Ryan Patric O'Donnell

Mr. Somers - Hayden Barrington

Ryan O’Donnell (Mr Grey) and Hayden Barrington (Mr Somers) give a hilarious and animated portrayal of shipwrecked gentlemen still holding onto the flotsam of formal introduction etiquette.
— Paul Nolan, Sydney Arts Guide