Cosí fan tutte - W.A. Mozart

Staged July 2015 at the Independent Theatre & August 2016 with Penrith Symphony Orchestra in Italian with English surtitles

The passion was palpable. If you like the razor-edged wit of Shakespeare’s comedies, you’re bound to like Cosí and, if you like Cosí, you’re bound to be very amused and impressed by Operantics’ reading. ‘Bravo!’ and ‘encore!’
— Brad Syke, Syke On Stage


Spoiled sisters, Fiordiligi and Dorabella, are put to the test when their fiancés Guglielmo and Ferrando make a bet with their friend, the worldly and cynical Don Alfonso, that their women will always be faithful to them. Will the temptation prove too great? 

Add Despina, the girls' scheming employee, into the mix along with some truly magnificent moustaches, and the stage is set for a hilarious series of mishaps and misunderstandings.





Ferrando - Dave Smith

Guglielmo - Tristan Entwistle

Don Alfonso - Ian Warwick

Fiordiligi - Joelene Griffith

Dorabella - Katie Miller-Crispe

Despina - Samanta Lestavel


John Kilkeary 2015-2016

John Kilkeary 2015-2016

Creative Team

The Independent Theatre in North Sydney last night rang to the sound of impressive operatic voices, as the newly formed company Operantics debuted its first production: a hilarious, modern Australian—but Italian-language—version of Cosí fan tutte
— Holly Champion,

Director - Victoria Watson
Producer - Katie Miller-Crispe
Piano - Nathaniel Kong
Stage Manager - Kyle Stephens
Diction Coach - Samanta Lestavel
Production Photography - John Kilkeary
Surtitles - Tristan Entwistle
Surtitle Operator - Stephanie Jones



With Thanks To

Paul Chegwidden, Susan Heming, John Kilkeary, Liam Kinney, Victoria Parsons, Joseph Restubog, Dean Sinclair, Geoff Sirmai, Rory Struthers, Ghillian Sullivan, Josephine Flores Tam